Robin Willis - Writer


Robin Willis is confused. He is a Cannes International Film Festival award winning filmmaker and the director/cameraman of hundreds of television commercials for such brands as Texaco, Coca Cola, Telefonica and ESPN for agencies like Weiden and Kennedy, McCann Erikson, Ogilvy, TBWA and Jung Von Matt; a producer and host of live events and podcasts; a writer for various website sites including Metropolitan, Delicooks and his own sadly retired vegetarian web screed, "F-cking Carrots." Last year his giant broken glass paintings of corrupt politicians were the highlight of the city wide Weart festival in his adopted hometown of Barcelona. He also can cook, a skill he and his kid brother learned to protect themselves from their mother's culinary stylings. Most importantly he is Dad to the quadra lingual 14 year old Zoe.

He also does a few other things but you are probably already questioning his sanity and are undoubtedly googling him. No, he has not written a cookery book before but he has been toiling away on various blogs, screenplays, stories, articles and long rambling discourses like this one. 

Mr. Willis splits his time between Barcelona and Barcelona.


Enric Jardí - Art Director, Designer


Enric Jardí is a world renowned designer and educator and lecturer. Focusing on type, book and magazine design and semiotics his clients include Random House, The New York Times, Museo Picasso, La Vanguardia and many others.

For 4 years Enric served as the President of Barcelona's prestigious Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers (ADG-FAD). He is the director the Master Program in Advanced Typography at EINA Centre de Universitari de Disseny. He regularly lectures at the University of Lapland, the University of Chile, the University of Porto and the Universidad de Iberoamericana in Mexico. He has received many awards including the National Prize of Culture in design from the Government of Catalunya and The European Design Award. Recently Enric was the cover article in the weekly cultural magazine in O Globo, Brazil's largest newspaper.


Becky Lawton - Photographer


Becky is one of Europe's top food photographers. As a long time Barcelona resident she has become the "court photographer" for Spain and Catalunya's culinary elite. She has innumerable cookbooks to her credit and her work appears regularly in major cooking magazines and on top food websites. Her monthly work with four star chef Carme Ruscalleda in the award winning Cuina magazine has long set the standard for beauty, imagination and innovation.

Becky also helms a culinary website that serves as the beating heart for Iberia's traditional and cutting edge food scene.