Caterina Perez, La Madre, La Abuela

In many ways the story of Bar Pinotxo is the story of Barcelona in the 20th century. The Spanish civil war. Unemployment. Hunger. Fear. Desperation. A woman trying to provide for her family starts cooking for the workers and merchants at the biggest mercado in town. They like what she cooks and ask her to cook for them full time and suggests she use one of the vacant stalls (paradas). She has no money to pay the rent. They pay the rent. Later a scruffy dog waits for her children everyday in front of the market. They name the dog Pinotxo. The customers start referring to the bar as the bar from where Pinotxo the little dog is from. Soon it becomes Pinotxo's Bar, and after that Bar Pinotxo. And "poc a poc," gamba by gamba, garbanzo by garbanzo, the bar in time becomes one of the most famous culinary stops in all the world.